About Us

About Us

Kridva Design - Leading Furniture Company For Customized Products

Welcome to Kridvadesign !!

Take a stroll through your imagination and put together your dream home by curating individual pieces. A home that you put together with things you love, woven into the perfect tapestry of magic that you have seen in your mind's eye! At Kridvadesign, we take that imagination of yours and turn it into reality. We believe that creating beautiful spaces and custom-designed furniture for your home should be a joyous experience. We make one-of-a-kind furniture accessible and affordable for everyone with a vision, without hassle, at your doorstep. All you need to do is share an image of that vision with us, and our team will work with you to bring it to life.

Why US

We use the king of wood, the most luxurious teakwood, in our wooden furniture. To protect the environment, we use reclaimed teak wood only. No new trees are cut for manufacturing our products. All products are made in India. We use the highest quality of polishing process and material to deliver a smooth, high-end polish finish. All upholstered products have high-density foam beneath. In short, we deliver products that are a class apart at prices that are accessible to all.

Kridvadesign was founded to address the gap in the Indian furniture market where finding high-quality, tasteful products at affordable rates is a tall order. Furniture in India today, if affordable, is more often than not poor quality. If tasteful and high-end, it is usually very expensive. Customizing and sourcing with local carpenters is a different challenge altogether. Buying your own home is such a wonderful feeling, and with Kridvadesign decorating it, the experience will be just as wonderful.